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Tables & Panels

  • A0942: Dining Table White 80x80 white
  • A2366: Dining Table Black 80x80 black
  • A2696: Buffet Table stainless steel 80x80
  • A2698: Buffet Table Chaifing stainless steel 80x80
  • A2599: Dining Table high White, 80x80, white
  • A2697: Buffet Table stainless steel 80x80
  • A2739: Buffet Table high White, 80x80, white
  • A2699: Buffet Table high Chafing stainless steel 80x80
  • A2265: Dining Table White 140x140 white
  • A2419: Dining Table Black 140x140 black
  • A2535: Dining Table White 80x140 white
  • A2879: Dining Table White 80x140 black
  • A2283: Panel Buffet Table White 80 white
  • A2600: Panel Buffet Table high White, 80, white
  • A2284: Panel Buffet Table White 140 white
  • A2367: Panel Buffet Table Black 80 black
  • A2605: Panel Buffet Table High, Black, 80, black
  • A2420: Panel Buffet Table Black 140 black
  • A2606: Panel Buffet Table, 80, white laminated wood
  • A2820: Panel Buffet Table high, 80, white laminated wood
  • A3077: Front Buffet Uni 140 weiß
  • A2807: Panel Buffet Table high 80 Oak
  • A2335: Panel Buffet Table Rio 80 brown
  • A2647: Front Buffettisch hoch Rio 80 braun
  • A3195: Panel Buffet Table High, Uni, 80, black
  • A3147: Panel Buffet Table Manchester 80 grey
  • A3148: Panel Buffet Table High, Manchester, 80, grey

Buffet Modules

  • A2700: Cover Plate for Buffet Table, stainless steel
  • A2701: Buffet Podium 25x80 white
  • A2702: Buffet Podium 50x80 white
  • A2703: Buffet Podium 80x80 white
  • A2704: Buffet Podium 25x80 black
  • A2705: Buffet Podium 50x80 black
  • A2706: Buffet Podium 80x80 black