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Seating Furniture


  • A2437: Dining Chair white
  • A2438: Dining Chair black
  • A0458: Chair Panton white
  • A2245: Chair Tom Vac white
  • A1890: Chair Wait blue
  • A1891: Chair Wait red

other Seating Furniture

  • A1333: Bench Labyrinth white
  • A2320: Bench Labyrinth black
  • A2269: Bench upholstered Labyrinth white
  • A2321: Bench Upholstered Labyrinth black
  • A1935: Seating Island, lightable, white
  • A1936: Seating Dune white
  • A2030: Ottoman Rondo Lightable white
  • A2031: Ottoman Snake lightable white
  • A2490: One Person Sofa Mini white
  • A2491: Two Person Sofa Mini white
  • A2492: One Person Ottoman Mini white
  • A2493: Two Person Ottoman Mini white
  • A2494: One Person Sofa Mini black
  • A2495: Two Person Sofa Mini black
  • A2496: One Person Ottoman Mini black
  • A2497: Two Person Ottoman Mini black
  • A2300: Ottoman Seating Island Upholstered 140x140 black
  • A2112: Ottoman blue
  • A2115: Ottoman yellow
  • A2114: Ottoman orange
  • A2113: Ottoman green
  • A2317: End Unit Low Labyrinth black
  • A1330: End Unit Low Labyrinth white